Dr Marjan Cugmas is a statistician working in the field of Social Sciences. He is working on several research topics of which some are listed below. See also section Projects for the current and previous research projects.

  • Relationship between local network mechanisms and global network structures

    Coleman's macro-micro-macro model, network evolution models, blockmodeling.

  • Social support networks

    Older adults, the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic.

  • Patterns and mechanisms of scientific collaboration

    Slovene researchers, through time, several levels, national bibliographic databases.

  • Online counselling services

    This is me, MedOverNet, survey methodology, text mining, automatically generated reports, analyses of the most severe topics.

  • Developing statistical approaches

    Relative Fit measure, modified Adjusted Rand Index.

  • Developing statistical software

    R packages, Dashboards.